What This Website is About

After spending over 20 years running the Financial Forecast Center, I have come across many interesting ideas and concepts related to the financial markets, economics and complex systems.  Marketvector is designed to provide me with an outlet for education, research and analysis related to these fields.

I hope you find this insightful and informative.


Kyle Atkinson,
President and Founder of Financial Forecast Center, LLC

How to Predict Anything

Anything can be predicted!

How? The "naive forecast" is an incredibly simple and powerful method to predict anything. This post describes what the naive forecast is, and how it is used in professional forecasting.

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The Nature of The Beast. How The Stock Market Works. Part 1.

A LOT of people and organizations have money invested in the stock markets. Some claim buying stocks is gambling while others claim the markets are rigged or unexplainable.

If we treat a stock market not as something we want it to be but as a single living, breathing animal, or beast, that can be poked, prodded and studied, we will discover it's true nature and how it behaves.

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