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Transparency is one of the most discussed topics in the financial industry and a key issue when it comes to financial products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track an Index and passively re-build an Index portfolio.

We aim to provide the best possible transparency that enables interested parties to understand the entire process from the development and ongoing maintenance to the review of MarketVectorTM Indexes. We disclose up-to-date Index rules, full methodology details, selection and review processes as well as real time Index values and weightings (on a 15 minute delay).

Daily Index Data Files
Provide historical Index values, closing and opening Index composition and corporate actions.

Review File
Provide all review results, including additions and deletions as well as new Index compositions.

Corporate Action Feed
Provides timely information about corporate actions and the impact to the respective Indexes.

Index Rules
Up-to-date Index Guides providing full methodology details.

Index Collaterals
Daily fact sheets, trading calendars and more.

Email Subscription Services
Email alerts, timely information about Index updates and methodology changes and more.