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In today's globalised economies, company revenues and assets are no longer primarily derived from the country of origin (where a company is incorporated) or from just one business sector. The unique MarketVectorTM pure-play concept reflects this development and responds to changing economic landscapes. It also opens up markets that are traditionally difficult to access.

Pure-Play Exposure on a Country or Regional Level

Local exposure is expanded to include non-local companies that generate at least 50% of their revenues (or, where applicable, assets) in the target country or region.

Pure-Play Exposure on a Sector Level

To achieve pure sector exposure, companies included in a MarketVectorTM sector index must generate at least 50% of their revenues (or, where applicable, assets) from the target sector.

Pure-Play Selection Criteria

(example values based on previous index reviews)

CompanyCapricorn Energy PLC
IncorporatedUnited Kingdom
Total Revenues in 2021USD 57,100,000
Revenues in index countryUSD 56,200,000
% of Total Revenues98%
IncorporatedUnited States
Total Revenues in 2022USD 26,914,000,000
Revenues in index sectorUSD 26,914,000,000
% of Total Revenues100%

The table above illustrates an example of the pure-play concept applied on a country and sector level, i.e. for the MVIS® Egypt Index (Capricorn Energy PLC) and the MVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index (NVIDIA).

Capricorn Energy PLC as a non-local component meets the pure-play requirements as well as all other selection as defined in the MVIS® Global Equity Index Guide, and is selected for the MVIS® Egypt Index.

NVIDIA also fulfills the pure-play rule and all other rules in the index selection process and is selected for the MVIS®  US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index.