At the end of July, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published “Sowing the Seeds of Recovery - The 2017 Agribusiness Value Creators Report.” Particular mention is made of the continuing importance of investment in agriculture technology (or agtech). BCG considers that it “has brought the agriculture industry to the threshold of a new agricultural revolution”. MVIS OneHundred itself touched on the same theme (Technology Will Help Feed the World) back in April 2014.

Three specific areas were singled out: Biotechnology and genetically engineered traits; Precision Farming and crop protection, fertilizing, and seeding; and, Automation and Robotics and drones. (We looked at drones – Food, Big Data and Drones – back in October 2015).

It will be fascinating to see just how advances in these three areas alone can change the face of agribusiness.

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The Boston Consulting Group: Sowing the Seeds of Recovery – The 2017 Agribusiness Value Creators Report, July 2017