McKinsey & Company and the Global Semiconductor Alliance have been taking a long hard look at the Internet of Things (IoT). Yes, there promise to be opportunities out there. But there are also some significant challenges.

They have identified six issues that, they believe, «could derail progress and present a challenge to semiconductor companies». Of these, two are of particular interest: First, a dearth of consistent standards. Some areas have them, some don’t have any and in some they compete.

Source: McKinsey & Company/Global Semiconductor Alliance: The Internet of Things – Executive Summary

Second, privacy of user data and security.

From these two alone, collaboration is obviously going to play a major part in the success of the IoT.

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Thomas Butcher is an independent writer, researcher and consultant focusing, amongst other things, on strategic materials, in particular metals. With 35 years of experience in the financial world, he has lectured and spoken at conferences around the world. Amongst other things, he writes the «Letter from North America» in the Minor Metals Trade Association's bi-monthly publication The Crucible, and was lead author of the chapter on gallium (used in semiconductors) in the British Geological Survey's Critical Metals Handbook.

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