The gaming industry has somewhat ahead of many industries: It is almost completely digitalised. The market is growing strongly in all parts of the world and is constantly receiving new impetus from digital technologies. While sales in 2016 were still around USD 100 billion, studies expect them to rise to over USD 170 billion by 20251 or even 20212, depending on the analysis.

The closed eco-systems of computer game hardware are increasingly dissolving. Combatants can already compete in the battle royal blockbuster "Fortnite"3 on consoles and mobile devices4. According to forecasts, the mobile segment will see the strongest growth (see chart).

Global Games Market: Revenues per Segment 2012-2021 with Compound Annual Growth Rates

Source: Newzoo, April 2018 Quarterly Update. Global Games Market Report.

The games manufacturer Epic has announced that it will provide prize money of more than USD 100 million5 - a new dimension in e-sports. A whole ecosystem of virtual accessories has been created and is further fuelled by online games. Technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence can trigger further growth spurts.

Regionally, the Asian market is growing particularly fast - not least due to the good internet connection and the strong sales figures for high-quality smartphones.

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