Back in 2013, we saw (and food critics eat) the first burger grown in a laboratory. Cost: $300,000; prep. time: two years. This synthetic meat (aka in vitro meat or cultured meat) "is made by growing muscle cells in a nutrient serum and encouraging them into muscle-like fibres."1 The question now, six year on, is: Who will win? The synthetic meat producers or the vegetarian “meat” producers?

Whilst it could hardly be said “The race is on”, there certainly seems to be a deal of money at steak (sic). Or maybe the excitement around the recent IPO of a plant-based burger company is really only just a “feeding frenzy.” Perhaps only time will tell.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Share of Global Vegan New Product Launches in Food and Drink

As a percentage of the overall vegan new product launches (2018).

Source: Mintel Global New Products Database. 

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Tom Butcher is Director of ESG and Communications at VanEck. Formerly an independent writer, researcher, and consultant focusing, amongst other things, on strategic materials, in particular metals, Mr Butcher has 40 years of experience in finance. He has lectured and spoken at conferences around the world.

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1Science Focus: The artificial meat factory – the science of your synthetic supper, 23 May 2019.