As the whole world turned their attention to Glasgow, Scotland, last week — with world leaders, prime ministers and presidents descending upon the COP26 Climate Summit — one thing became abundantly clear: clean energy should see some sort of impact to its industry in the aftermath of the event.

With the phrase “climate crisis” in full effect during the conference and in the days following it, it’s quite clear how the narrative surrounding global warming and climate change is unfolding. Time and time again, speakers at the conference stressed the importance of tackling the climate change issue, planting the seeds for future initiatives to combat these issues. This all came on the heels of the G20 Summit in Rome, Italy, just a few days prior, in which climate change became a heavy emphasis of the agenda, as well, amongst the 20 prime ministers and presidents that were present for the conference.

As clean energy continues to be pushed and supported around the world in an effort to reduce global emissions, the minerals and elements that are used in clean energy — such as rare earth metals, cobalt, and lithium, just to name a few — will see a higher demand, driving growth in the companies that are involved in the production, mining, and recycling of such raw materials.

The rise in this segment can be captured with the recently launched MVIS Global Clean-Tech Metals Index (Ticker: MVGMET), which tracks the performance companies focused on the recycling, mining, and production of metals and elements used in the technologies contributing to clean energy, has seen significant growth, jumping 69.39% over the last year, as of November 4, 2021. With sentiment about clean energy only picking up more steam, the technology, and the minerals used in these technologies, will see a continuous increase in demand.

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Source: MV Index Solutions. All values are rebased to 1000. Data as of  4 November 2021.



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