The Bitcoin halving is one of the most anticipated event for crypto miners and investors alike. The event happens every four years, and on May 11, 2020, Bitcoin marked its third halving event so far. The Bitcoin miners pay close attention to these events because, on that day, the block rewards for mining Bitcoins are split in half, which means miners receive 50% fewer Bitcoin's for their work. From the investors’ perspective, the halving event implicates that the number of Bitcoins generated between each halving event is also split in half. The fact that fewer Bitcoins are being mined after each event and the fact that the supply of Bitcoin is finite gives Bitcoin its deflationary characteristics. The Bitcoin halving has also been widely linked to one of the driving factors behind previous Bitcoin bull runs, which is why it is also interesting to the investment public.

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Timotej Bodlaj is a portfolio manager at Solidum Capital ( and a member of its Investment Committee. He has an extensive technological background in blockchain and finance. He holds a Master’s degree from Rome Business School, as well as Oxford Blockchain Strategy Certificate from Saïd Business School. In his free time, he likes to do outdoor sports, such as running and biking.

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