MarketVector IndexesTM (‘MarketVector’) has developed a classification scheme for digital assets and provides category indexes that allow users to measure, benchmark, and capture the performance and characteristics of targeted categories within digital assets, making the ecosystem more digestible to traditional finance investors while giving crypto native funds additional benchmarking capabilities. This article focuses on smart contract platforms.

According to the data provider Coingecko, there are over 140 different platforms . While each of these chains appear to be successful today, it’s impossible to know which of them will eventually support the largest and most robust ecosystems or which will survive the competitive landscape. No single protocol is necessarily perfect for every application. Therefore, the future of smart contract chains will encompass many protocols that are popular today and some that have yet to be created. The MarketVectorTM Diversified Smart Contract Indexes enable investors to measure and access the broader smart contract platform market without worrying about picking any specific chain.

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