Investors interested in digital assets have over 7,000 assets to choose from. The top 100 digital assets (as measured by MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100 Index, MVDA) have delivered an annualized performance over the last 3 years of 77% p.a. (ending June 30, 2021). The growing appetite for digital assets and new ways to invest in digital asset growth have resulted in the increase of digital asset indices and index-linked investment products. MVIS offers a suite of digital asset indices to benchmark the performance of the market by tracking a specific digital asset, a basket of digital assets, or digital asset investment strategies. Investors cannot invest directly in an index, but they can invest in an index-linked product. Choosing the right index-linked product starts with understanding the underlying index.

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Digital Asset Performance (last 3 years ending 30 June 2021)