FRANKFURT, Germany (January 30, 2024)  –  MarketVector IndexesTM ("MarketVector") announces the following rule changes effective with the implementation of the quarterly review in March 2024: 

The minimum number of components for the index is 25. However, if there are fewer than 25 eligible stocks in the index universe, the index will include all eligible stocks even if there are less than 25. Furthermore, If there are fewer than 20 eligible stocks, additional stocks will be added at the discretion of the index owner until 20 stocks are selected for the index.

For all corporate events that result in a stock deletion from the index, the deleted stock will be replaced with the highest ranked non-component on the most recent selection list immediately only if the number of components in the index would drop below 20. The replacement stock will be added with its uncapped free-float market capitalization weight. In all other cases, i.e. there is no replacement, the additional weight resulting from the deletion will be redistributed proportionally across all other index constituents.

The index will include 100% of the eligible universe. If there are fewer than 20 stocks included in the eligible universe, additional stocks will be added by index owner’s decision until at least 20 stocks have been selected. 

  • Amendment in Fixed Tiered Weighting Schemes (Section 3.2.14 and Section 3.2.16 in the Index Guide): 

The maximum weight of components takes precedence over tier weights. In case the fixed tier weights create a conflict with the maximum component weights, tier weights may be adjusted accordingly (on a proportional basis) to allow the aggregate weight of all index components to equal 100% while satisfying all other capping scheme constraints.


The amended Index Guide will be available for download at

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MarketVector IndexesTM