FRANKFURT, Germany – (January 24, 2024) As the world of investing continually evolves with the advent of digital assets, a groundbreaking book is set to transform the way institutional and individual investors approach cryptocurrency. "Mastering Crypto Assets: Integrating Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Beyond," published by Wiley Publishing, is available today. The book offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing guide that demystifies the complex landscape of digital assets.

Authored by a team of seasoned investors and digital asset strategists, Martin Leinweber, Jörg Willig, and Steven Schoenfeld, the book serves as a resource for those looking to integrate crypto assets into their investment portfolios, from novice to seasoned investors. 

More key features of the book include: 

  • Practical Investment Strategies: Learn to apply fundamental and quantitative criteria to select blockchain-based assets, with a focus on knowledge and evidence-based investment.
  • Quantitative Valuation Methods: An intuitive method for applying quantitative valuation concepts to digital assets, including an analysis of how Bitcoin and other digital assets function as digital stores of value.
  • Risk and Return Analysis: An exploration of the unique risk and return characteristics of various digital asset sectors, adapting traditional investing methods to the digital realm.
  • Access to Restricted Digital Assets: Insight into related equities and strategies for accessing digital assets in restricted settings.
  • Expert Insights and Interviews: Exclusive interviews with industry luminaries such as Jan van Eck, Peter L. Brandt, and Fred Thiel, along with guest articles from leading experts like Matthew Sigel and Timothy Peterson.

Join us in embracing the future of investment with "Mastering Crypto Assets: Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Beyond” available today at all major bookstores and online platforms. Visit our website for more information.


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