Frankfurt (1 March 2022) – MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) announces an update regarding the treatment of Russian components in its indices, provided the current conditions do not change before the scheduled Q1 review announcement on 11 March 2022:

  • The MVIS Russia Index (ticker: MVRSXTR) and the MVIS Russia Small-Cap Index (ticker: MVRSXJ) will be frozen; Reviews and rebalances will be suspended until the next regular review. Parameters (total shares, free float factors and weighting cap factors) will not be updated, no constituent will be added or deleted. Price movements and FX rate changes will still be taken into account for the index calculation. MVIS may change the listing of companies to a market/exchange where the company trades to provide a more realistic price of the stock. In this case, this event will be implemented in a divisor and weight neutral way.

  • For all other equity indices, MVIS reserves the right to implement an extraordinary deletion of Russian stocks based on liquidity and trading status. Excluded securities will be deleted with a price of zero. This might also apply to stocks of companies which are not incorporated in Russia, but considered as Russia ‘pure-play’ companies. Russian stocks will be considered ineligible for inclusion to any index during the Q1 2022 review. These actions will be announced with the standard review announcements.

  • Fixed income indices will be closely monitored for the March 2022 review to be announced on 28 March.

Indices not reviewed in Q1 2022 will not be affected, but will instead be assessed at their next review date.

In case the current situation changes before the announcement on 11 March 2022, MVIS reserves the right to change the treatments discussed in this announcement.

In general, rights issues and placements for respectively-sanctioned companies will not be implemented, effective immediately.

Kind Regards,

MV Index Solutions