Frankfurt (7 April 2022) - MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) announces impressive growth for Q1 2022, with 18 index launches across a variety of sectors. Furthermore, licensed index assets tracking MVIS indexes increased by $2.3 billion since year-end 2021, to $35.8 billion (an annualized growth rate of 31%). A full list of the newly launched indexes can be found below.

“The demand for innovative indexes from our worldwide client base has been strong, despite volatility in markets and major geopolitical shifts during the first three months of 2022,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MVIS. “I am thrilled that our growing MVIS team has been able to creatively respond to a dynamic marketplace by supporting our clients across key asset classes, especially in digital asset indexes.”

MVIS stands out as a pioneer in the digital asset index space, with the most complete family of digital asset indexes available. Q1 2022 represented a record quarter for MVIS’ digital asset indexing efforts, with 50% of the launched indexes included in this category.

“As the crypto market matures, we see increased demand for multi-token solutions,” said Martin Leinweber, digital asset product strategist at MVIS. “We are pleased to see the momentum generated by our category indexes, in particular, with areas such as smart contract platforms and tokens from the metaverse gaining popularity. Despite market uncertainty, we’re seeing a strong influx of investors in this space.”

Full list of Index Launches in Q1 2022:

  1. BlueStar Top 10 US Residential Real Estate Index (ticker: BURRT)
  2. BlueStar Global Online Gambling, Video Gaming and eSports Index (ticker: BVGOG)
  3.  BlueStar Israel Infrastructure Index (ticker: BILIN)
  4. FTX 20X Leveraged Bitcoin Index (ticker: FTX20XB)
  5. FTX 5X leveraged bitcoin index (ticker: FTX5XB)
  6. MVIS CryptoCompare Chainlink VWAP Close Index (ticker: MVLINKV)
  7. MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets Select Index (ticker: MVDAS)
  8. MVIS CryptoCompare Media & Entertainment Leaders Brazil Index (ticker: MVMEBR)
  9. MVIS CryptoCompare NEAR VWAP Close Index (ticker: MVNEARV)
  10. MVIS CryptoCompare Optimum Global Cryptoasset Index (ticker: MVGCFI)
  11. MVIS CryptoCompare Smart Contract Leaders Brazil Index (ticker: MVSCBR)
  12. MVIS CryptoCompare Smart Contract Leaders VWAP Close Index (ticker: MVSCLEV)
  13. MVIS Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index (ticker: MVBION)
  14. MVIS Global Circular Economy ESG Index (ticker: MVCIRC)
  15. MVIS Global Clean-Tech Metals ex-China Index (ticker: MVGMXC)
  16. MVIS North America Cannabis Industry Index (ticker: MVNACB)
  17. One River Digital Core Index (ticker: ORDCI)
  18. One River Digital Size Tilt Index (ticker: ORDST)


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