Frankfurt (19 April 2021)MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) today announced the launch of the  BlueStar Israel Global Technology North America Index (ticker: BGTNA). The index is a subset of the BlueStar Israel Global Technology Index and includes Israeli companies, listed in North America, operating in industries ranging from information technology to biotechnology, defense and security technology, and clean energy technology.

The BlueStar Israel Global Technology North America Index is a rules-based index that provides a benchmark for investors interested in tracking the broadest and deepest universe of Israeli publicly-traded technology equities listed in the US and Canada, involved in a range of innovative industries such information technology, biotechnology, defense-technology and clean energy and water technology. Additionally, involved in industries such as medical devices, utilities and consumer may be included.

The  BlueStar Israel Global Technology North America Index (ticker: BGTNA) is weighted by free-float market capitalisation and is calculated in USD as a price, total return net and total return gross index. The index is reviewed on a semi-annual basis. Detailed information about the index, such as methodology and index data, is available on the MV Index Solutions website.