Frankfurt (02 August 2021) – MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) will change the following rules:

  • The notice period for material changes to the Index Guides will change from 60 days to 30 days for all indices administered by MVIS, effective immediately.

The eligibility criteria for BlueStar Agribusiness 50 Index (ticker: BMOO) and MVIS Global Agribusiness Index (ticker: MVMOO) will be adjusted as follows:

  • 'Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives' will be eligible effective from the September review.

The weighting scheme (section 3.2.10 in the index guide) will be adjusted as follows (effective the next review):

  • In applying the minimum weight constraint, first, the non-modified float-adjusted market cap weight of each component is determined. Any component whose weight is less than the Minimum Security Weight is adjusted to equal the Minimum Security Weight, the resulting excess weight with respect to 100% is then reduced from the remaining non floored component weights on a proportional basis. Following this step, the Modified Float-Adjusted Market Cap scheme is applied and the excess weight will be redistributed across only the non-floored components.

The amended Index Guides are available for download at

Kind Regards,

MV Index Solutions