MV Index Solutions (MVIS) today announced the results of the monthly MVIS Bond Index review.

The following changes will be implemented on 30 June 2018 and will become effective on the next trading day.

Index Additions Deletions Total Components
MVIS Altman North America Defaulted & Distressed Bond 26105
MVIS Altman North America Defaulted Bond 0 3 40
MVIS Altman North America Distressed Bond 23 65
MVIS EM Aggregate Bond 35 412799
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (local FX) 1 2 52
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (USD&EUR) 30 322006
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (local FX) 0 4241
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (USD&EUR) 4 3500
MVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate 14 4387

A complete list of components and weights is available for download for registered users.