MarketVector IndexesTM ("MarketVector") announced the results of the monthly MarketVectorTM Digital Assets Index review. The table below summarizes the results for all MarketVectorTM Digital Assets Indexes.

The following changes will be implemented on April 30, 2024 (or the last business day of April for the Brazil indexes) and will become effective on the next trading day.

IndexTickerAdditionsDeletionsNew Count
MarketVectorTM Decentralized Finance LeadersMVDFLE115
MarketVectorTM Digital Assets 5MVDA5005
MarketVectorTM Digital Assets 10MVDA102210
MarketVectorTM Digital Assets 25 MVDA252225
MarketVectorTM Figment Ethereum RewardMVETHF001
MarketVectorTM Infrastructure Application LeadersMVIALE005
MarketVectorTM Media & Entertainment LeadersMVMELE005
MarketVectorTM Media & Entertainment Leaders BrazilMVMEBR115
MarketVectorTM Smart Contract LeadersMVSCLE0016
MarketVectorTM Smart Contract Leaders BrazilMVSCBR0114


A complete list of components and weights is available for download for registered users.