Frankfurt, Germany (March 5, 2024) — MarketVector IndexesTM (MarketVector), a leader in innovative investment solutions, announces the launch of the MarketVector™ Total Global Equity Index (MVTGLE). This groundbreaking index transcends traditional market classifications, encompassing nearly 150 markets – ranging from developed to “pre-frontier” for unparalleled global coverage.


MVTGLE was developed by MarketVector in response to the challenges and limitations of existing global market index offerings. Traditional market classifications often result in missed opportunities and performance discrepancies. These issues stem from inconsistent definitions across country classifications and investability criteria, as well as the prevalence of arbitrary reclassifications. Such challenges can lead to portfolio inefficiencies, increasing portfolio turnover and trading costs.


  • The MarketVector™ Total Global Equity Index revolutionizes global equity investing by:
  • Breaking free from traditional classifications: Capturing investment opportunities beyond “Developed” and “Emerging” markets to unlock the full potential of global equities.
  • Ensuring comprehensive benchmarking: Covering at least the top 95% of the free-float market capitalization of the eligible universe of each country.
  • Balancing critical trade-offs: Addresses the complexities of investability via application of proprietary research and deep investment experience, ensuring efficient access to a broad-based globally-representative portfolio.


MVTGLE also showcases MarketVector’s ability to offer customizable broad global equity solutions. We partner with clients to tailor their benchmarks to their specific preferences for country inclusion, foreign investability, liquidity, and other preferences. This unparalleled flexibility enhances diversification and control, thus maximizing the investment potential while adhering to the unique preferences of investors.


“The launch of the MarketVector TM Total Global Equity Index empowers investors to capture a wider range of opportunities and introduces a new approach to global equity benchmarking,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MarketVector. “Going forward, MarketVector will release both standardized and customized global investable market indexes, continuing to expand access to global equity markets for all.”


For more details on the MarketVector™ Total Global Equity Index and other offerings, please visit MarketVector website.


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