FRANKFURT, Germany (July 22, 2022) – MarketVector Indexes GmbH announced the launch of the MarketVectorTM Global Video Gaming & eSports ESG Index (ticker: MVESPG).

The index tracks the performance of the global companies which generate at least 50% of their revenues from the global video gaming and eSports segment taking ESG factors into consideration. These companies may include those that develop video games and related software or hardware such as computer processors and graphics cards used in video gaming systems and related hardware such as controllers, headsets, and video gaming consoles. These companies may also include those that offer streaming services, develop video games and/or hardware for use in eSports events and are involved in eSports events such as league operators, teams, distributors and platforms.

It is weighted by free float market capitalization and is calculated in USD as a price index and a total return net index. Capping factors are applied to avoid overweighting of single index companies. The index is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Detailed information about the index, including methodology details and index data, are available on the MarketVector Indexes website.