FRANKFURT, Germany (December 12, 2023) — MarketVector IndexesTM ("MarketVector") launches the MarketVectorTM Gold Crypto Leader Index (MVGCI).

The MarketVectorTM Gold Crypto Leader Index (MVGCI) is designed to track the performance of the largest and most liquid digital assets combined in a portfolio with an asset-backed token that represents the price of one fine troy ounce of London Gold Delivery gold bar. It also includes a cash component to keep the overall volatility of the portfolio around a given degree of variation. MVGCI spans the worlds of real-world assets (RWA) and digital assets, offering an innovative, cross-asset solution.

It is reviewed on a monthly basis and calculated in EUR as a price index.

Detailed information about the index, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MarketVector website.