Frankfurt (11 November 2021)MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) today announced the licensing of the MVIS Global Clean-Tech Metals Index (ticker: MVGMET) to VanEck for the use as underlying the VanEck Green Metals ETF.

"We are happy to provide the underlying to VanEck’s new ETF. This forward-looking concept – clean energy – focuses on the world’s transformation in the energy sector and provides exposure to the respective commodities," said Thomas Kettner, COO of MV Index Solutions.

“New technologies, from electric vehicles to offshore wind farms, cannot function without green metals such as lithium, copper, zinc and manganese. As governments around the world mandate and consumers embrace these shifts to lower carbon approaches, demand for these metals is only expected to increase,” said Brandon Rakszawski, Senior ETF Product Manager with VanEck. “We’re very pleased to be introducing GMET, a powerful new tool for investors looking to add global exposure to the leading and emerging companies driving the supply of green metals,” he continued.

The MVIS Global Clean-Tech Metals Index (ticker: MVGMET) tracks the performance of global metals and rare earth element miners, refiners, and recyclers focused on metals and elements that are used in technologies contributing to the proliferation of clean energy. The index includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenue from clean-tech metals or that have ongoing mining projects that have the potential to generate at least 50% of the company’s revenue from clean-tech metals.

The MVIS Global Clean-Tech Metals Index (ticker: MVGMET) is weighted by free float market capitalisation and is calculated in USD as a price index and a total return net index. The index is reviewed on a quarterly basis. Capping factors are applied to avoid overweighting of single index components. Detailed information about the index, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MV Index Solutions website.

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