Frankfurt (27 July 2021) – Today, MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) announced the licensing of the BlueStar Europe Travel and Vacation Index (ticker: BETOR) to Migdal Mutual Funds, a leading Israeli issuer of ETFs and index mutual funds.

The BlueStar Europe Travel and Vacation Index (ticker: BETOR) tracks the performance of ‘Travel and Vacation’ companies incorporated or headquartered in Europe. A company must derive 50% or more of annual revenue/allocate 50% of operating activities from/to these activities.

“We are proud to announce the timely licensing of our Europe Travel & Vacation Index to support Migdal’s product launch in Israel. The travel and vacation industry continues to present a strong long-term investment thesis despite the transitory set-back precipitated by the coronavirus outbreak last year. Europe lagged behind the US in bringing the coronavirus under control but it appears now that European countries are opening up again to tourists and business travelers. Going forward, changes in spending habits of younger consumers from purchases of goods toward experiences should provide long-term tailwinds to this industry,” said Josh Kaplan, Global Head of Research & Investment Strategy at MV Index Solutions.

The BlueStar Europe Travel and Vacation Index (ticker: BETOR) is weighted by market capitalisation. The index is reviewed on a semi-annual basis and is calculated in US Dollars as a price index and a total return net index. 

Detailed information about the index is available on MV Index Solutions website.