Frankfurt (20 August 2020) – MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) this week licensed the BlueStar Travel & Vacation Index (ticker: BTOURNTR) and the BlueStar Solar Energy Index (ticker: BSOLRNTR) to Migdal Mutual Funds, a leading Israeli issuer of ETFs and index mutual funds .

The BlueStar Travel & Vacation Index (ticker: BTOURNTR) tracks the 50 largest US-listed companies operating in industries such as: Hotels & Resorts, Airlines, Theme Parks, Cruises, and Casino Hotels. The index follows a modified market cap-weighting strategy to ensure diversification across the industries represented in the index..

The BlueStar Solar Energy Index (ticker: BSOLRNTR) tracks globally-listed companies that derive 50% or more of annual revenue or attribute 50% or more of operating assets to the development, production, or installation of solar energy and solar energy-related technologies. The index follows a modified market cap-weighting strategy.

“We are pleased to announce the licensing of the BTOURNTR and BSOLRNTR indices, two new indices that extend our product range, to Migdal Mutual Funds. The travel and vacation industry has been beleaguered by COVID-19 but represents an opportunity for investors to express a forward-looking view on underlying trends driving the growth of the travel and vacation industry that have propelled the industry over the years leading up to the outbreak of COVID-19,” said Joshua Kaplan, Global Head of Research at MV Index Solutions.

Joshua continued, “The Solar Energy industry is one of the fastest-growing segments within the alternative energy industry and we are pleased to bring to market our first index which is a pure-play index targeting the dynamic and evolving renewable energy segment.”

The MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 10% Capped Index is a pure-play index that contains only companies which are engaged primarily in the production of semiconductors and semiconductor equipment. The index is reviewed semi-annually.

The BlueStar Travel and Vacation Index and the Bluestar Solar Energy Industry Index are calculated in US Dollars as net total return indices. Detailed information about each index is available on MV Index Solutions website.

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