Frankfurt (15 December 2020) – Today, MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) announced the licensing of the BlueStar Genomic Health Care Index (ticker: BDNANTR) to Migdal Mutual Funds, a leading Israeli issuer of ETFs and index mutual funds.

The BlueStar Genomic Health Care Index (ticker: BDNANTR) provides exposure to globally listed ‘Genomic Health Care’ companies, the companies must derive 50% of revenue or product pipeline from: health care therapies based on the targeting or modifying of genetic makeup of cells, technology platforms that enable the development of gene editing, or laboratory equipment or services used to test, code or develop gene editing.

“BlueStar is excited to enable Migdal to offer a unique and cutting-edge health care product to its clients. Personalized and precision health care is the wave of the future in medicine, but the industry is still in its infancy. The BlueStar Genomic Health Care Index provides exposure not only to biopharmaceutical companies that are primarily offering or developing gene-based therapies but also to the technology and research companies that are creating platforms for the future development of gene-based therapies,” said Josh Kaplan, Global Head of Research and Investment Strategy for MVIS.

The BlueStar Genomic Health Care Index (ticker: BDNANTR) is calculated in US Dollars as a total return net index. Detailed information about each index is available on MV Index Solutions website.

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