FRANKFURT, Germany (March 6, 2024) – MarketVector IndexesTM (“MarketVector”) announces the licensing of the iREIT®-MarketVectorTM Quality REIT Index (ticker: IRET) to Tidal Investments, LLC (“Tidal”), highlighting MarketVector’s ability to provide customizable indexes in varying sectors for clients across the globe. 

In partnership with Tidal, leading real estate analyst Brad Thomas, CEO of Wide Moat Research, launched the IRET ETF (ticker: IRET) built on an index Brad designed with MarketVector. This unique product invests in REITs across all property sectors, utilizing fundamental analysis to provide investors with exposure to diversification, potentially higher yields, and a focus on quality and value investing.

“As a prolific income-focused writer on Seeking Alpha with over 115,000 followers I’m honored to provide my readership base with a REIT ETF focused on reliable and predictable income. Our index is designed to provide diversified property sector and geographical exposure while targeting constituents with the best quality and value attributes. As the chief architect for the index, my number one goal is to ensure steady and growing income so investors can sleep well at night, “ said Brad Thomas, CEO Wide Moat Research.

"Gearing up to support the launch of the IRET ETF in partnership with MarketVector and Brad Thomas is truly exciting for us at Tidal Financial Group. We're thrilled to offer investors an opportunity to access quality REITs through this innovative product, “ said Gavin Filmore, CRO of Tidal.

REITS have proven superior performance in high inflationary environments and the index focuses on quality businesses and yield enhancement for all-weather exposure leveraging a systematic six-pillar approach. The index provides exposure to a range of real estate companies including self-storage, which investors look to as an inflation hedge, as well as hotel stocks. 

“The real estate sector has been hit by multiple shocks over the last few years from e-commerce’s threat to the retail sector to the work-from-home trend’s threat to the office sector,” said Josh Kaplan, Head of Research at MarketVector. “Nonetheless, real estate remains an important component of well-diversified portfolios seeking both capital appreciation and income. The methodology driving this index will fill a gap in the US-listed real estate ETF market by seeking to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of leading REITs that have been rigorously screened for quality and valuation factors.”

For more details on the iREIT®-MarketVectorTM Quality REIT Index and other offerings, please visit MarketVector website.

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