FRANKFURT, Germany (September 22, 2022) – MarketVector IndexesTM announces the licensing of the MarketVectorTM Brazil Domestic Exposure (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRDE), the MarketVectorTM Brazil Global Exposure (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRGE) and the MarketVectorTM Brazil Small-Cap Value (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRSV) to underlie Investo ETFs’ new Domestic Equity ETFs.

“We are proud to introduce three new equity indexes for the Brazilian market, including the newest members of our unique Economic Exposure Index family,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MarketVector IndexesTM. “With Brazil’s vitally-important Presidential election in October, the timing of our introduction of these indexes and the Investo ETFs that track them will enable investors to express their views on the Brazilian economy regardless of the election’s outcome,” he added.

With such a dynamic and important economy, the approach of both global and local investors to the Brazilian equity market is ripe for innovation. The MarketVector Brazil Economic Exposure Indexes (MVBRDE and MVBRGE) provide, for the first time, a way for investors to gain more precise exposure to the economic and industry trends driving the Brazilian economy, as well as an efficient vehicle to diversify their existing Brazil equity exposures. And the Market Vector Brazil Small-Cap Value Index (MVBRSV) provides unique and targeted exposure to a segment of Brazil’s equity market that is often ignored.

The indexes are reviewed on a semi-annual basis and are calculated in BRL as price indexes and total return net indexes. The MarketVectorTM Brazil Domestic Exposure (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRDE) and the MarketVectorTM Brazil Global Exposure (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRGE) are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization.

The MarketVectorTM Brazil Small-Cap Value (BRL) Index (ticker: MVBRSV) is weighted based on value-focused fundamental factors.

“The Brazilian Small-caps ETF brings to Brazil a multi-factor investment strategy that is already established around the world, allowing Brazilian investors to systematically invest in companies with small capitalization and low multiples without worrying about spending time analyzing the financial statements of any company. It is an alternative for those who want to invest in Brazilian Small-caps, but focusing on the companies that are undervalued when compared to their peers,” added Mr. Mançanares.

Detailed information about the indexes, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MarketVector IndexesTM website.


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