FRANKFURT, Germany (August 31, 2022) – As investors search for alternative yields and non-correlated assets amid rising inflation, MarketVector IndexesTM announces the licensing of the BlueStar® Top 10 US Listed Alternative Asset Managers Index (ticker: BUALT) to Investo as underlying the PEVC11 ETF, effective today. The BUALT index includes companies listed on a US exchange and denominated in USD and generate at least 75% of their revenue or operating assets from the management of, or investments in, Alternative Assets.

Seen as a hedge against inflation, private and alternative assets are at the core of asset allocation, with many traditional managers expanding their offerings. MarketVectorTM has prioritized a measured, diversified, and targeted approach to the popular investing theme. 

“We are proud to partner with Investo ETFs in providing benchmarks for their expanding range of innovative ETFs, and we look forward to their adaption by a wide range of Brazilian investors,” said Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MarketVector IndexesTM. “The index provides unique exposure to private equity, hedge fund and venture capital managers, and we are confident of the prospects for the PEVC11 ETF that tracks it.” 

Alternative Assets are non-publicly traded investments, including but not limited to privately held companies, such as private equity or venture capital equity, real estate assets, or infrastructure assets. The index may include business development companies but doesn’t consider companies that provide financing to alternative asset managers or consultants who provide advisory services to asset owners. This partnership with Investo has expanded Thematic offerings in Brazil, with this being the fifth product available to Brazilian investors. 

“Investing in ETFs is the best way to combine exposure to an international segment with the ease of investing via B3, said Cauê Mançanares, CEO of Investo. “In addition, the liquidity of the ETF allows the investor to withdraw capital whenever needed, unlike other investments in the Private Equity segment where the capital is locked up. Our expectation is that PEVC11 will strengthen Private Equity investments in Brazil and help more investor access this segment.” 

The BlueStar® Top 10 US Listed Alternative Asset Managers Index (ticker: BUALT) is a modified market cap-weighted index and is reviewed on a semi-annual basis. BAULT allows market participants the ability to monitor, track and participate in the growth opportunity of the alternative asset management space – we use a pure play approach to target listed companies who have a significant portion of the business in this space. It is calculated in USD as a price index, a total return gross index, and a total return net index. Detailed information about the index, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MarketVector IndexesTM website.


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