Index provides investors with focused exposure to the small-cap gold mining equity markets

4asset-management has launched the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Price Return (ticker: MVGDXJ) and Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Total Return (ticker: VEMVGDXJ) indices. The indices invest in small-capitalisation gold and silver mining companies listed in freely investable markets around the world. They are calculated real-time on the S-BOX platform.

Investor interest in junior mining companies has increased recently as gold spot prices continue to rise on the back of investor demand. In recent years, global gold production has declined as geology has made it tougher for established mines to continue to produce gold at rates needed to meet demand. Junior miners employ new geologic models to explore for and develop new sources of gold in old or overlooked properties making them an important segment of the mining industry as they have the potential to become the suppliers of incremental supply for larger operations or targets for acquisition.