New daily corporate action file

Frankfurt (14 April 2020) – MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) will replace the existing corporate action file for equity indices as the primary source of corporate action information dissemination with a new Daily Corporate Action File (DCAF).

The DCAF contains 212 columns of data (128 of which are currently populated) up from 18 in the outgoing file.

  • The additional fields provide for every part of an event and its resulting treatment to be defined (terms, dates, identifiers).
  • It allows for improved machine readability with the main data points occupying specific cells rather than being included within
    a text string.
  • Supply of clear definitions of the treatments to be applied in addition to a verbose description of ECA events.
  • Many fields have been left blank to allow for the future provision of additional information, without requiring changes to the
    overall parameters of the table.

It is split into nine main sections:

  • Instrument Information
  • Sector Information
  • Event Information
  • Instrument Change Information
  • Corporate Action Information
  • Late Dividend Information
  • Acquisition Information
  • Spin-off Information
  • Additional Information

The new DCAFs are already available on client FTP accounts and in the daily constituent .zip files on the website.

All existing corporate action files will be delivered alongside the new DCAF until (close) 31 August 2020. We encourage our users to transition to the DCAF file at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that you receive the most detailed and up to date information.

File naming convention

Name Format [INDEX]_DCAF_[yyyy-mm-dd].csv
Example MVGDXJ_DCAF_2020-03-31.csv

In addition to the replacement of the current files, the new format will also apply to the RSS feed and the download on for the respective equity files (corporateactions.csv and corporateactions.xml).

Both file formats are available for download from this page during the transition period mentioned above.

Please address any questions regarding the description, samples, contents or the delivery of the Daily Corporate Action File (DCAF) to or call index operations on Tel.: +49 (69) 4056695-55.