Frankfurt (16 March 2021) – We would like to inform you that MV Index Solutions (MVIS®) will no longer be offering the following indices:

  • BlueStar Israel Global Strategic Dividend Index (ticker: BLSSDNTR)
  • BlueStar Israel Global Strategic Value Index (ticker:BLSSVNTR)
  • BlueStar Junior Applied AI Index (ticker:BJAAITR)
  • BlueStar Junior Robotics Index (ticker: BJBOTTR)
  • Bluestar Future Utilities Index (ticker: BFUTLNTR)
  • Bluestar Blockchain Technology Index (ticker: BBLKNTR)
  • Bluestar Stay Home Index (ticker: BSAHNTR)

The index closure will be effective after close on 1 April 2021.

Best regards,

MV Index Solutions