Today 4asset-management has launched the Market VectorsTM Brazil Small-Cap Index (MVRIO). It is designed to give investors exposure to domestic investment themes and opportunities, such as the growth potential in Brazil’s homebuilding and consumer goods sectors. MVRIO is well diversified and gives less weighting to heavy commodities and materials like other Brazil-focused indices.

While Energy and Materials account for more than 50 percent of the weighting in the typical Brazil-focused index as of April 30th of this year, the same sector made up just 17 % of MVRIO at that same time. Top industry weightings of MVRIO e.g. included Homebuilding (15%), Packaged Foods and Meats (8%) and Electric Utilities (7%).

The index performance is remarkable, too. YTD the MVRIO (price index) performed 52%, more than 15 percentage points better than other (more large-cap dominated) indices on Brazilian equities.

MVRIO is calculated and maintained by Standard & Poor’s® on behalf of 4asset-management GmbH. At April 30, the Index had an average full market cap of 1.2 billion USD and an average of 610 million USD float market cap.