4 Asset-Management announced changes today in its family of Market Vectors Indexes. From November 24, 2009, all indices will be calculated by S-BOX, the index platform of Structured Solutions AG.

This means that the calculation agent for the following indices changes from S&P Custom Indices to S-Box:

• Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap Index

• Market Vectors Indonesia Index

• Market Vectors Vietnam Index

• Market Vectors Emerging Europe (ex Russia) Index

The change requires also a change of the link to the daily composition file which can be found in the „Constituents“-sections of each index profile on the homepage of 4asset-management (see screenshot).

Additionally, the Bloomberg ticker symbols for the total return indexes of all 4asset-management Market Vectors-Indexes will be changed as well:

Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap Index:
New TRN ticker: MVRIOTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVRIO

Market Vectors Emerging Europe ex Russia Index:
New TRN ticker: MVUXRTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVUXR

Market Vectors Indonesia Index:
New TRN ticker: MVINDOTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVINDO

Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Index:
New TRN ticker: MVGDXJTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVGDXJ

Market Vectors Poland Index:
New TRN ticker: MVPLNDTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVPLND

Market Vectors Vietnam Index:
New TRN ticker: MVVNMTR
Old TRN ticker: VEMVVNM

Five of these indexes are licensed by Van Eck Global for the use of exchange-traded funds.

These changes will be effective as of the open of trading on 24. November, 2009.