BlueStar® Global Logistics Index

The BlueStar® Global Logistics Index (BLOGR) tracks the performance of the largest and most liquid companies in the global logistics industry. This is a modified market cap-weighted index, and only includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenue or operating asset value from products and services related to the logistics industry, such as third party logistics services, parcel delivery and express courier services, REITS, logistics software, or logistics and warehouse automation equipment.

Country and Sector Weightings

MVIS Sector Indices are pure-play sector indices. Companies must generate at least 50% of their revenues in the target sector to be eligible for index inclusion. Country and Sector weightings are based on the weightings of all index components in a certain country or sector.

Canada4 5.52%
United States23 38.38%
Belgium1 1.39%
Denmark1 1.93%
Finland2 3.10%
Germany3 4.51%
Netherlands1 1.14%
Switzerland3 4.69%
United Kingdom3 3.93%
Australia3 4.78%
Japan10 17.33%
New Zealand1 1.67%
Singapore2 3.24%
Bermuda1 0.11%
Cayman Islands6 6.69%
Kuwait1 1.58%
Total65 100.00%
Industrials33 53.19%
Consumer Discretionary 3 2.04%
Health Care1 1.28%
Information Technology6 7.32%
Unclassified1 0.67%
Real Estate21 35.51%
Total65 100.00%

Size Weightings

  • Large-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation above 6,000 mln EUR
  • Mid-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 1,500 mln to 6,000 mln EUR
  • Small-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 200 mln to 1,500 mln EUR
  • Micro-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation up to 200 mln EUR
SizeMarket CapComponentsWeight
Large-Cap1,700,876,326,900 EUR29 50.46%
Mid-Cap111,797,940,200 EUR30 43.37%
Small-Cap4,970,410,750 EUR6 6.17%
Total1,817,644,677,850 EUR65 100.00%