MarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate

The MarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate is designed to be a robust price for Ethereum in USD, based on one hour median weighted prices. It has been licensed to underlie financial products with currently USD 191.23 million in assets under management.

Key Features

Calculation Volume weighted median price average, based on 20 3-minute intervals.
Exchanges Top 5 in CryptoCompare's Exchange Benchmark.
Dissemination Real-time.
IndexLast CloseOpenLastChangeChange (1Y)Range (1Y)
1,849.82 1,849.82 --205.47%82.80 - 4,754.64
1,841.58 1,841.58 --- -
1,852.38 1,852.38 --- -
Symbol IndexName
EBR MarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate Price Index
EBRHKG EBR Hong Kong Settlement Price Index
EBRLDN EBR London Settlement Price Index