Digital Assets Indexes

MarketVectorTM Digital Assets Indexes are the first and definitive family of benchmarks for the digital assets market. These indexes provide institutional-grade access to the largest and most liquid digital assets.

Detailed index methodology is available in the MarketVectorTM Digital Assets Index Guide.

Please check out the Digital Assets FAQ and our Digital Assets Presentation to learn more.

Important notice: Investments into cryptocurrencies and/or digital assets are subject to material and high risk including the risk of total loss. The calculated prices may not be achieved by investors as the calculated price is based on prices from different trading platforms. Furthermore, an investment into cryptocurrencies and/or digital assets may become illiquid depending on the trading platform or investment product used for the specific investment. Investors should carefully review all risk factors disclosed by the relevant trading platform or in the product documents of relevant investment products.

IndexPriceTotal Return
MarketVector Algorand VWAP Close MVALGOV -
MarketVector Avalanche VWAP Close MVAVAXV -
MarketVector Bitcoin Benchmark Rate BBR -
MarketVector Bitcoin MVBTC -
MarketVector Bitcoin VWAP Close MVBTCV -
MarketVector Centralized Exchanges MVCEX -
MarketVector Chainlink VWAP Close MVLINKV -
MarketVector Coinbase Bitcoin Benchmark Rate CBBR -
MarketVector Coinbase Ethereum Benchmark Rate CETBR -
MarketVector Coinbase US BBR MVCBBR -
MarketVector Coinbase XRP Benchmark Rate CXBR -
MarketVector Crypto Leaders VWAP Close MVLEADV -
MarketVector Decentralized Finance MVDF -
MarketVector Decentralized Finance Leaders MVDFLE -
MarketVector Digital Asset Broad 100 Equal Weight MVB100EW -
MarketVector Digital Assets 10 MVDA10 -
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 MVDA -
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Large-Cap MVDALC -
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Mid-Cap MVDAMC -
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Small-Cap MVDASC -
MarketVector Digital Assets 25 MVDA25 -
MarketVector Digital Assets 5 MVDA5 -
MarketVector Digital Assets Max 10 VWAP Close MVDAMV -
MarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate EBR -
MarketVector Ethereum MVETH -
MarketVector Ethereum VWAP Close MVETHV -
MarketVector Figment Ethereum Staking Reward Reference Rate MVETHSRR -
MarketVector Figment Ethereum Total Return - MVETHTR
MarketVector FTX Token VWAP Close MVFTTV -
MarketVector Infrastructure Application MVIAP -
MarketVector Infrastructure Application Leaders MVIALE -
MarketVector Media & Entertainment MVME -
MarketVector Media & Entertainment Leaders MVMELE -
MarketVector Media & Entertainment Leaders Brazil MVMEBR -
MarketVector Optimum Global Cryptoasset MVGCFI -
MarketVector Polkadot VWAP Close MVDOTV -
MarketVector Polygon VWAP Close MVMATICV -
MarketVector Smart Contract MVSC -
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders MVSCLE -
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders Brazil MVSCBR -
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders VWAP Close MVSCLEV -
MarketVector Solana VWAP Close MVSOLV -
MarketVector TRON VWAP Close MVTRXV -