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Index History and Components

MarketVector IndexesTM provides the full history of Index values and the corresponding component data for all of its Indexes.

  • Closing Data files: contain market close snapshots for all Index constituents.
  • Corporate Actions files: contain corporate actions implemented at the next trading day.
  • Opening Data files: display adjusted values for the next trading day.

Data files and descriptive Index documents are intended for registered users only. Please register to access and download the documents and files of your choice.

All data is updated on a daily basis.

Indexes History Components
21Shares Bitcoin Suisse Crypto
21Shares Crypto Basket
AMINAX Crypto Asset Select
ATAC Credit-On/Credit-Off
ATAC Leverage-On/Leverage-Off Domestic
ATAC Risk-On/Risk-Off Domestic
BlueStar® 5G Communications
BlueStar® Agribusiness 50
BlueStar® Artificial Intelligence
BlueStar® Asia Technology
BlueStar® Autonomous Driving
BlueStar® Big Data & AI
BlueStar® China Internet Software
BlueStar® Data Center and Logistics Real Estate
BlueStar® Digital Advertising
BlueStar® E-Commerce US Leaders
BlueStar® E-Games
BlueStar® Europe Infrastructure
BlueStar® Fintech
BlueStar® Genomic Health Care
BlueStar® Global 5G Connectivity
BlueStar® Global E-Brokers and Digital Capital Markets
BlueStar® Global GreenTech
BlueStar® Global Logistics
BlueStar® Global Online Gambling, Video Gaming and eSports
BlueStar® Global Robotics & 3D Printing
BlueStar® Hotels, Airlines, and Cruises
BlueStar® Hydrogen and NextGen Fuel Cell
BlueStar® Israel Domestic Exposure
BlueStar® Israel Global
BlueStar® Israel Global Exposure
BlueStar® Israel Global Technology
BlueStar® Israel Global Technology North America
BlueStar® Israel Infrastructure
BlueStar® Machine Learning and Quantum Computing
BlueStar® Robotics
BlueStar® Solar Energy Industry
BlueStar® Top 10 US Banks
BlueStar® Top 10 US Listed Alternative Asset Managers
BlueStar® Top 10 US Listed Fabless Semiconductor
BlueStar® Top 10 US Residential Real Estate
BlueStar® Total Security
BlueStar® Travel and Vacation
BlueStar® US HY (3.5-6.5 Year) Bond
BlueStar® US Listed E-Brokers and Digital Capital Markets
BlueStar® US Listed Internet Infrastructure
BlueStar® US Machine Learning and Quantum Computing
BlueStar® Wind Energy Industry
Coinbase Broad
Coinbase Core
Coinbase Size Tilt
ETHO MarketVector Global Climate Positive
iREIT®-MarketVector Quality REIT
MarketVector Algorand VWAP Close
MarketVector Artificial Intelligence ESG
MarketVector Avalanche VWAP Close
MarketVector Bioproduction Tech and Tools ESG
MarketVector Bitcoin
MarketVector Bitcoin Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Bitcoin VWAP Close
MarketVector Brazil Domestic Exposure (BRL)
MarketVector Brazil Global Exposure (BRL)
MarketVector Brazil Small-Cap Value (BRL)
MarketVector Centralized Exchanges
MarketVector Chainlink VWAP Close
MarketVector Coinbase Bitcoin Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Coinbase Dogecoin Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Coinbase Ethereum Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Coinbase Litecoin Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Coinbase XRP Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Crypto Leaders VWAP Close
MarketVector Decentralized Finance
MarketVector Decentralized Finance Leaders
MarketVector Digital Asset Broad 100 Equal Weight
MarketVector Digital Assets 10
MarketVector Digital Assets 100
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Large-Cap
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Mid-Cap
MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Small-Cap
MarketVector Digital Assets 25
MarketVector Digital Assets 5
MarketVector Digital Assets Max 10 VWAP Close
MarketVector Ethereum
MarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Ethereum VWAP Close
MarketVector Figment Ethereum Total Return
MarketVector Figment Ethereum Reward
MarketVector Figment Ethereum Staking Reward Reference Rate
MarketVector FTX Token VWAP Close
MarketVector Gl. Uranium and Nuclear Energy Infrastructure
MarketVector Global Clean Energy Transition ESG
MarketVector Global Defense Industry
MarketVector Global Metaverse and e-Games ESG
MarketVector Global Natural Resources
MarketVector Global Video Gaming & eSports ESG
MarketVector Gold Crypto Leader
MarketVector Infrastructure Application
MarketVector Infrastructure Application Leaders
MarketVector Japan Quality Tilt ESG
MarketVector Media & Entertainment
MarketVector Media & Entertainment Leaders
MarketVector Media & Entertainment Leaders Brazil
MarketVector Meme Coin
MarketVector Polkadot VWAP Close
MarketVector Polygon VWAP Close
MarketVector Smart Contract
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders Brazil
MarketVector Smart Contract Leaders VWAP Close
MarketVector Solana Benchmark Rate
MarketVector Solana VWAP Close
MarketVector Token Terminal Fundamental
MarketVector Token Terminal Fundamental Cap-Weighted Strategy
MarketVector Total Global Equity
MarketVector TRON VWAP Close
MarketVector US Business Development Companies Liquid
MarketVector US Listed Emerging Technologies Strategy
MarketVector US Listed Office and Commercial REITs
MarketVector US Listed Oil Services 10% Capped
MarketVector Vietnam Local
MarketVector-GammaRoad® U.S. Equity Strategy
MarketVector-Significus Scope 3 Sustainability
MarketVector-Wavebridge Bitcoin Plus Altcoins Momentum
MCM-BlueStar® Israel Bonds
Menai-MarketVector Diversified Digital Asset
MVIS® Australia (AUD)
MVIS® Australia A-REITs (AUD)
MVIS® Australia Banks (AUD)
MVIS® Australia Equal Weight (AUD)
MVIS® Australia Resources (AUD)
MVIS® Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers (AUD)
MVIS® Brazil
MVIS® Brazil Small-Cap
MVIS® Digital India
MVIS® GDP Africa
MVIS® Global Agribusiness
MVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG
MVIS® Global Circular Economy ESG
MVIS® Global Clean-Tech Metals
MVIS® Global Clean-Tech Metals ex-China
MVIS® Global Digital Assets Equity
MVIS® Global Future Healthcare ESG
MVIS® Global Future of Food ESG
MVIS® Global Gaming
MVIS® Global Hydrogen Economy ESG
MVIS® Global Junior Gold Miners
MVIS® Global Low Carbon Energy
MVIS® Global Oil Refiners
MVIS® Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals
MVIS® Global Space Industry ESG
MVIS® Global Uranium & Nuclear Energy
MVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports
MVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports (AUD)
MVIS® Indonesia
MVIS® Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond
MVIS® Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond
MVIS® North America Energy Infrastructure
MVIS® South Korea
MVIS® South Korea Equal Weight
MVIS® US Business Development Companies
MVIS® US Investment Grade Floating Rate
MVIS® US Listed Biotech 25
MVIS® US Listed Oil Services 25
MVIS® US Listed Pharmaceutical 25
MVIS® US Listed Retail 25
MVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 10% Capped ESG
MVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 25
MVIS® US Mortgage REITs
Universal Standard Diamonds Evaluation 100 -