MarketVector IndexesTM

MarketVector IndexesTM develops, monitors and markets the MarketVectorTM Indexes, a focused selection of pure-play and investable Indexes designed to underlie financial products. They cover several asset classes including hard assets and international equity markets as well as fixed income markets.

MarketVector IndexesTM is the Index business of VanEck, a US-based investment management firm and provider of the VanEck Vectors ETFs. Approximately USD 28.11 billion in assets under management are currently invested in financial products based on MarketVectorTM Indexes. Many of those products are the largest in their investment category. MarketVector IndexesTM also develops and maintains customized Indexes for third parties that aim to track specific investment themes.

The latest corporate presentation can be found here.  


Founded in 1955 by John C. van Eck, VanEck was among the first U.S. investment managers to help investors achieve greater diversification through global investing. Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund was launched in 1968 and was the first U.S. gold fund. Today the firm continues its tradition of responding to the needs of investors by offering innovative investment strategies in emerging markets equity and fixed income, natural resources and commodities, gold and precious metals, liquid alternatives, and other specialized, global asset classes. VanEck has offices around the world and manages approximately USD 60 billion in investors' assets.