About Me

My name is Kyle Atkinson, and I am a native of Valdosta, a small town in southern Georgia in the United States. Although I grew up mostly in Georgia, I have also lived in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and West Virginia.

I currently reside in the Houston, Texas area with my children, grandchild and a pet duck. Although I don't consider myself a Texan, I have lived in this wonderful state for about 30 years.


I have a masters in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech. I did both my undergraduate and graduate work at Georgia Tech, and my graduate work was in polymer science.

I have a masters of science in Management from North Carolina State University. I absolutely loved living and working in Raleigh, N.C.

Work Experience

After graduating from Georgia Tech, I moved to Texas to work at Union Carbide Corporation (now part of Dow Chemical). I worked as a production engineer, development engineer and project manager with UCC's Unipol polyethylene process.

After UCC, I worked at Nova Chemicals in their polystyrene process as a production engineer and development engineer.

My final "real" work was at ExxonMobil with their high pressure polyethylene process (HPPE) as a staff engineer and production manager.

Throughout my career as a chemical engineer, I developed a forte for taking poorly performing processes and production units and turning them around to perform very well. For instance at ExxonMobil, I worked to take a poorly performing HPPE unit with a 63% Manufacturing Effectiveness Index, or MEI, to over 90% MEI.

I also developed a history of solving very difficult problems that had plagued products or processes, in some cases for decades.

While I was working as an engineer, I started the Financial Forecast Center.

From Chemical Engineering to Financial Forecast Center

How did I go from a career as a chemical engineer in polymers to starting the Financial Forecast Center?

The Financial Forecast Center is driven by artificial intelligence, which I began to get into in college. Later working with complex polymer processes, I started applying AI to discover relationships that could be used to improve product quality, lower costs, or help solve persistent problems. I found that AI was a wonderful tool that could help drive innovation.

After developing an aptitude for the application of AI to chemical processes, I started applying AI to the financial markets. I found that a tool that worked well with complex chemical processes also worked well with other complex systems such as the financial markets and weather.

I began publishing the results of AI forecasts of the stock markets, interest rates, currency exchange rates and a few other economic indicators in March 1997 at www.forecasts.org as "The Financial Forecast Center".

Financial Forecast Center

I have been running Financial Forecast Center LLC, a Texas Corporation, since 1997. As a business, the first "sale" was less than $0.01 (yes, less than a penny).

Market Vector

While running FFC, I started to really dig into the financial markets and economics. I began to discover interesting relationships within and between the various financial markets. I have also developed some fundamental theories about business and economics.

I now want to present what I have learned and discovered about business, the financial markets and economics.